Probate Clearance

We know how hard a bereavement clearance can be when a friend or relative has recently passed away. Our team here at Clearance Kings understand this and know that in such a difficult time you need a trustworthy company that will provide a discreet service.

What is your Probate Clearance Service?

Our Probate Clearance Service is as flexible as it needs to be. In some cases, we are called in help carefully, and respectfully, package the belongings left behind by the recently deceased and take them to a specified location – this is most often to another home or to a charity shop of someone’s choice.

In other instances, we are asked to then follow up with a full redecorating service so that the property can be prepared for resale.

Whatever your requirements may be, our team here at Clearance Kings will provide a professional, hassle-free and discreet probate clearance service.

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