Job Lot Purchasing

When it’s time to reduce your stock of unwanted inventory or end of line stock, job lots can be somewhat tricky. If you have a job lot to sell, regardless of how big or small, Clearance Kings is able to help.

We specialise in liquidation lots of any size; we’re not afraid to consider purchasing anything.

What Job Lots Will We Purchase?

Clearance Kings will make you an offer on nearly any job lot of product. Bankrupt stock, shop closure stock, cancelled order stock, eBay shop stock, dead stock, surplus stock and so on.

How long will it take?

One of our purchasers can visit you within one business day and offer you a price. Once the job lot price has been agreed we can then organise the collection. The collection of the job lot frequently happens the moment the sale has been agreed.

FREE Quick and Hassle-Free Job Lot Purchasing Quote.